Sunny Onuesoke

Mr. Sunny Onuesoke is the Founder/Executive Director, Onuesoke Foundation. He is an astute and innovative entrepreneur of international repute, a key player in the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry and also a Climate Expert.

A dynamic and pragmatic administrator, who because of his passion for the environment envisioned the urgent desire to sensitize and mobilize people through a coordinated medium to respond to the adverse effect of climate change.

He believes that through environmental campaign that focuses on eco-friendly practices, people will be empower with the necessary knowledge desirable to adapt and mitigate against the scourge of global warming.
As an eco-centric and dexterous politician, Mr.

Onuesoke has actively participated in the development and politics of his home state of Delta in Southern Nigeria. He has contributed greatly and in no small measure influence government policies and programmes towards sustainable environment.

He has attended several workshops, seminars and training on business, politics and environment. The wealth of experience that He has pulled together has made the foundation to continuously succeed.