Onuesoke Foundation sensitises Nigerians on flood prevention

Onuesoke Foundation sensitises Nigerians on flood prevention

A non-governmental organization, Onuesoke Foundation on Climate Change has rolled out measures to prevent flooding in this rainy season.

Speaking during a sensitization tour of management and control of flood, Head of Operations, Onuesoke Foundation on Climate Change, Mrs. Pearl Patience Igho who observed that   flooding is not only becoming more frequent in Nigeria, pointed out that proactive and preventive options involving structural and non-structural measures needed to be adopted and implemented at curbing the menace of flood.

Flooded part of Oguta

Flooded community

She said structural measures such as check dams, levees, flood walls and adequate drainage systems would help control periodic inundation in the areas that are liable to flooding, adding that   in   communities where the rate of flow of storm water is high, embankments should be constructed to break down storm water so as not to result into flood.

Igho who said the need for an effective community based early warning system for flood prevention and control for Nigeria cannot be over emphasized, called for   adequate sensitization of people who are often affected by flood menace towards adopting environmental best practices.

She cautioned that sedimentation and littering of the drainage systems should be guided against, while vegetations like trees whose rooting system tends to or likely to distort, break or undermine the drainage system should be removed.


She advised: “Nigerians should realize that ‘Action and reaction are equal and opposite’. To this end, they should properly dispose of their waste and not dump into drainage channels as improperly disposed waste which comprises discarded plastic, foot-wears and  clothes  among others   equally block the drains especially at their narrow ends or points.   This equally results to over spill or overflow of the storm water in the drains leading to flooding that can burst into people’s homes and farms, destroying household property and crops.


“As it is obtained in developed countries of the world particularly in America and Europe, where there is always a standing task force that is set up to deal with the problem of snow once winter is approaching, in the same way, the Nigerian government needs to be proactive by setting up standing task force that will tackle the issue of flood once the rainy season is approaching.”


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