Join Green Future Club

Climate change is real and it is no news that we are currently experiencing the effects in our societies. This has much been promoted by factors like gas flaring, degradation, deforestation, carbon emission e.t.c which are human inspired activities in urban centers.
In view of this, the Onuesoke Foundation resolved to embark on enlightenment campaigns to raise awareness about these activities which have further advanced the effect of climate change. The Foundation believe that through this campaigns, citizens would be educated on the approaches of mitigation and resilience as ways to manage the monumental effects. The Foundation also believe that through engaging people in tree planting in cities, it could assist in greening cities where water will be conserved , promote biodiversity and sustainable socio-economic development.
For us at Onuesoke Foundation, Green City which will be powered by Tree planting has become a cardinal project that must be pursued with passion. We hope to plant 20 million trees by 2020. This is to complement the United Nation Environment Programme of Billion Tree Campaign.
Therefore, we seek the services of Volunteers, assistance of Sponsors and Partners to enable us achieve these set goals.